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Good news for Toshiba L750 owners ... Maverick DP1 working.

Utilitza attached extra folder and drivers with lastest Myhack installer.

Create your own serial number on Smbios.plist with lizard and remember to erase myhack.kext from s / l / i after install.

Mavericks extra for L750

Disclaimer: Flashing your vis can harm your computer, do it at your own risk.

As many Toshiba owners with SandyBridge portàtils will know, installing OSX on them have a major Drawback ... native powermanagement can not be used causi nucli panics.
Appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext has to be patched to be able to boot snowleopard, Lion or Mountain Lion, and this is very problematic when system updates arrive, leaving the system unbootable till that file is patched again.

Now that has changed thanks to CodeRush on IM.
He has developed a program to patch and unlock UEFI bioses, leaving them ready for native powermanagement usi after flashing them back to Laptop canvis.

Here is the link to his thread: CodeRush Bios SpeedStep Unlocker

And here a capturi from his program patching Toshiba L750 vis:

Bios Patching

If you want to submit the DSDT code you are using, you can use our email:
I will add it to d'aquest lloc web, sota other people (and yourself) can find it and faci servir.

Also send your computer model and vis versió if needed.

I'm now thinking also how to credit all the people that has research, develop and improve all this DSDT thingy ... hum, maybe i will do a "Hall of Fame" for them. : D

Do not send your full DSDT, just the DSDT hack and the Proper placement on the main code for it.

Hi to all, this is Pere.

As you may know, there has been a lot of time since last site update. The reason: there is no team anymore, real life gets all the people involved very busy.

I will maintain here a DSDT hacks database wich i think will be useful for people like me that likes that type of hacks.

You can still access to the old site by clicking on the link posted on the "Links" giny.